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Our product development group handles our client’s custom needs. A public computer or digital signage solution needs to impress two distinct audiences. First, the retailer or “owner” of the public area where the unit will be deployed. Second, the customers who will actually use the unit. Each party has different requirements: retailers who are concerned about store infrastructure, operational, training and space constraints, and consumers who are concerned with unit ease-of-use and service quality. Slabb understands the concerns of both audiences, and can offer expertise to satisfy both.

All of Slabb’s products are designed by specialized industrial designers skilled in designing hardware in a ruggedized format to stand the test of time in public environments.

Our expert product developers and designers handle the client’s custom needs through three stages:

Requirements, Development and Discovery

Slabb spends a day or two with the client's business and marketing teams to discuss all business, technical and operational requirements for the public computing or signage project.


Once a design is finalized and approved by the client, the 3D models are converted to 2D engineering drawings allowing them to be manufactured.


The finalized 2D engineering files are used to create prototype(s) of the hardware. Depending on the complexity, a single prototype might be enough before moving to mass production, but it is not uncommon to see 3 to 4 prototypes before the final client signoff is granted.


The following certifications can be attained for any custom project we develop (expected costs for certification vary, outdoor units have more expensive certifications than indoor units):

- Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. - UL Certification
- Canadian Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. - ULC Certification
- European Conformity Certification - CE Certification
- Federal Communications Commission - FCC Certification
- TUV Rheinland of North America, Inc. - TUV Certification
- American Disability Act - ADA


Using any of Slabb's global manufacturing facilities, any quantity of hardware can be created within a strict timeline and budget.

Price ranges are based on complexity, size, materials, etc., and each proposal is tailored specifically to each client and his/her project.