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Slabb is a leading manufacturer of kiosk hardware for all types of applications. Our client list has representation from more than 22 sectors and 6 of the 7 continents. Slabb's focus is innovation and affordability, we offer state of the art products, support and service. Our Software, Services and Custom Divisions work together to bring our customers a solution for every step involved in their project. Slabb Europe and Public Computing headquarters is located in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. Please visit our Slabb Europe and Public Computing website for a comprehensive company view and to visit the Slabb Divisions that help to revolutionize the industry.

A kiosk project typically has 3 main components: Hardware, Software and Post Production.


Any tangible portion of the kiosk project falls into the hardware category. Depending on the type of kiosk you require, this can be simply a metal enclosure with a touch screen monitor and PC inside. More complex kiosks have more hardware components inside such as card readers, printers, telephone handsets, ruggedized keyboards, ruggedized pointing devices and other specialized peripherals.

All of our kiosks are made to be used with standard PCs. You are not required to purchase the PC from Slabb but they are available as an option. We use Dell computers for all of our kiosks. Each kiosk may have size limitations for the PC. Your kiosk consultant can give you this information.

The hardware is typically the most expensive component of the kiosk project. After you order the kiosk hardware, we manufacture it to your specifications, equip it with the peripherals you select, finish it (paint and logos or other branding) based on your instructions, then ship it directly to you.

Your kiosk consultant will assist you with understanding all of the options and with making the best choice for your application.


Depending on what your kiosk is supposed to do, there may or may not be off-the-shelf kiosk software available for it.

Kiosk software typically does the following: displays the content you want to display, prevents users from accessing the PC's operating system so they cannot make changes, allows the owner of the kiosk to make changes remotely, allows the owner of the kiosk to make sure everything is working properly, and interfaces with peripherals inside the kiosk such as printers, card readers, scanners, etc..

Slabb specializes in the hardware component of a kiosk project. If you can provide a simple specification of your kiosk software to your kiosk consultant, they can assist you with finding the right kiosk software vendor for the project. There are over thirty recognized kiosk software vendors currently in the global kiosk market.


Depending on the size of your kiosk project, there are services such as kiosk site acquisition, kiosk installation, and on-site maintenance.

For a small kiosk project, typically the owner of the kiosk does these things on their own. For larger deployments, we can assist with these services.

We look forward to working with you on your kiosk project.

The Slabb Team